Fear and Self Loathing in Long Melford (fry1138) wrote in total_football,
Fear and Self Loathing in Long Melford

World cup day......something....everyone has played once.

I think i am suffering football overload, as i have taken a rain check on the tunisia v saudi arabia game......it seemed like the best one to miss...but up to now ive seen most of every game, but due to that i have not been arsed to post about it online.

Anyway thoughts so far........

Germany looked o.k going forward...but not as fun as the new swervy world cup ball..its like those crappy footballs you bought at the beach as a kid....great for long shots.

Ecuador suprised me...can't wait to see more of them

I was pretty underwhelmed by the England Result...but at least it was a win...there is time to improve...but i still think Itll be Brazil (underperformed last night but will still show their class) or Argentina (looked pretty damn good) for the trophy.

Oh yeah...i felt kinda sorry for Ronaldo...he did look kind of uninterested...but i expect he will get started at some point...i thought it was a bit much that the brazillian president was making remarks about his weight....hope he scores some so his can laugh it all off.

Trinidad and Tobago really frustrated sweden..i wonder if they will pick em selves up agaisnt paraguay....and will T+T be that resolute agaisnt england?...im guessing not...or hoping at least.

argentia v ivory coast was great stuff to watch both thier games agaisnt holland will be a joy to watch also...

australia looked like they were without any inspiration for ages agaisnt Japan and they shoulda been buried..but blimey did they turn it aroung the confidence they will carry into their next game could make all the differance....could see them qualifying for the next round....although Croatia actually looked impressive despite losing to brazil.

France looked ordinary but to be fair i was only half watching this game...

I was cheering on South Korea as they had Tottenhams lee young pyo at left back...that was an enjoyable game aswell with a nicley taken free kick

Spain got 4 against Ukraine earlier and looked pretty decent better than previous world cups...could this be thier time to get to a final?...probebly not....Ukraine looked pretty clueless to be fair and shevchenko could certainly have done with some decent service to get him off the mark....he has gotta score i nthis tournament..right?

This is all pretty obvious stuff really, not an interesting post at all...i enjoy watching the world cup better than writing about it.

Your thoughts so far?
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