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Fear and Self Loathing in Long Melford

world cup.....

Yeah im kinda neglecting this commuity really....but im jsut watching the world cup and not really bothering with the internet much at the moment...anyway.,....

I thought Holland v Argentina was gonna be a corker....but they kind of jsut played semi-nice stuff and cancelled each other out....nothing really to play for i guess......portugal v Mexico on the other hand was pretty damn good, mexico really deserved something, same goes for Tunisia agaisnt spain the other day...i really felt tunisia played well and were let down by thier goalkeeper who made some pretty wild decisions.

today its Czech rep v Italy and it should be an interesting game...which czechs will turn up?...classy czechs or dodgy czechs...also japan v brazil...everyone loves to watch brazil (except maybe other south american nations) but i would love to see japan have a really good go at them....well either that or brazil play fantastic stuff.....i jsut love to watch great teams playing great football.....

Oh yeah...good riddance to trinidad and their "battling" efforts....i hate to see teams stifle the game...i found it pretty bizzare that they have been lauded for their performances when the way they played was like watching someone kill the beautiful game.....of course if england had taken the game to them properly then maybe they would have raised their game and gone forward a little more.

im probebly being a little harsh on trinidad and tobago here...its just the way i felt after the england and sweden games, no one really likes to see 1 team stopping the other from playing and thus killing the entertainment...afterall football is basically supposed to be entertaining to watch.

(it was mostly Leo Beenhakers trash talking after the game that got me riled up, all his advice that "is free and i won't chagre england for it" he said we had to improve if we wanted to get anywhere....and he was right of course but.....he should look at his own teams approach to the game before he started shooting his mouth off with his "free advice")

I look forward to the Ecuador game.....should be good....and not all that easy to predict at this stage.

come on England!

Anyway...so far i have really enjoyed the tournament...and its great to see how many england fans are at every game.


Why have people been emailing itv to ask what their coverages starting music is?.....i sort of like kasabian but their version of hero's is really shitty (shoulda used the original if they needed to use that music)......itv nearly always misses when they plan their tournament coverage.....and why do their pundits have to all be squeezed together so tighlty?

yeah..itv sucks.....Next England game is on the bbc..thank crunchie.

best pundit on this years coverage?...Martin o'neil easily...he actually understands the game (shoulda been next england manager)...ian wright is enthusiastic but a little obvious in the things he says....as for itv's pundits its probebly best i don't say what i think of them.


Oh yeah...the domestic season fixtures are out.....find your teams here on the bbc site.

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