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Fear and Self Loathing in Long Melford

Jurgen Klinsmann - AKA Jay Goppingen?

Under the pseudonym Jay Goppingen, Klinsmann made a comeback as a player in 2003 for Orange County Blue Star in the American Premier Development League. The 39-year-old was able to score five goals in eight appearances, helping his team to reach the playoffs. The name is taken from the town of Göppingen, where Klinsmann was born.

somebody else here probebly knew that but i did'nt.

funny what you can find out on Wikipedia.

It was Great to see cristiano ronaldo "crying on the tele"...as the song goes....

The cheating portugal team cheated more than ever but got fpund out quality wise...too funny...still can't believe England lost to them....if eriksonn had picked a decent team and formation we woulda been a shoe in.

Come on Italy!!!


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as i said before.....i can't wait for the new season......pre-season first where anything can be imagined or hoped for.....
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