Fear and Self Loathing in Long Melford (fry1138) wrote in total_football,
Fear and Self Loathing in Long Melford

Fantasy Football?.,..just like watching brazil....or a spreadsheet.

SO i did my Budweiser fantasty football league team.....i used to do the Daily Telegraph one but that cost 5 quid and this is free and as i usually loose interest in these games by mid season its not worth paying for...and anyway...the budweiser one is pretty decent....
i also started a league if anyone else wants to join up the "total football league" once they have created a team just enter this code....


If you are entering a differnt fantasy league using the stats froma different nations league then you can pimp that out here to if you like........

Budweiser Fantasy League...... http://www.premierleague.com/fapl.rac?command=forwardOnly&nextPage=homepage

i was in the top 800 for a couple of weeks last year out of half a million...then i dropped like a brick.........really i suck at these games but they are kinda fun...at least for a while.


oh yeah im always a sucker for buying spurs new strikers...so i got berbatov up front...in spite of the fact i think defoe will score for fun early on.


i need to update my Spurs icon.
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