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Fear and Self Loathing in Long Melford

Its Transfer silly season

A post on this community!

whouda thunk it?

anyways ive been meaning to for ages....so here goes....

Teddy sheringham to sign for COLCHESTER! the world has gone mad...but i guess sir teddy as spurs fans should probebly call him is getting on a bit....but can still do a great job for Colchester...he was never about pace after all...he is a thinking footballer...they say the first 5 yards are in the head.....Good luck Teddy!!

Spurs got Bent (not in the way bart simpson uses)...the price seems a bit high..but i bet he can do a job for us...i expect defoe will be on his way as he wont be happy being 3rd or even 4th choice....i guess its a good signing..time will tell.

Reto Ziegler moves permanently to sampdoria.......

Geremi spoke in class today...i mean Geremi signs for Newcastle of course.

Man City to be taken over by a crooked thai guy.(allegedly)...good thing?...probebly not.

Sheff United lose their appeal over West hams cheating to stay in the premiership.....sheffield were not good enough to stay up...but it sucks that the premiership did'nt deduct points from west ham...as its been standard procedure before in cases like this with any dodgy dealings. Thoughts? should it be west ham down?

Torres for liverpool....liverpool to challenge for the premiership?...they get tipped most seasons....but who knows maybve this time.

Beckham to L.A. Galaxy...i hope this means the MLS will get some better coverage in England....as i have alwyas tried to follow it

a few other big summer signings-

Hargreaves - Man U
Anderson - Man U
Nani - Man U
Henry - Barcelona
Joey Barton - Newcastle
Aliadiere - Middlesborough
Scott Parker - West Ham
Jlloyd samuel - bolton
Gavin Mcann - Bolton
Titus Bramble - Wigan
Antoine Sibierski - Wigan
Mario Melchiot - Wigan
steve Sidwell - Chelsea (will he get a game)
Claudio Pizzaro - Chelsea
Tal Ben Haim - Chelsea
Gareth Bale - Spurs

any others?

we gotta kick start this community...can't wait for the new season....cricket and tennis just can't come close to filling the sporting void.
Lucky there is a the copa america to watch.

as always..feel free to post anything football related!
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