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same ol' Spurs?

So Spurs lost 3 minutes into injury time against sunderland. we had alot of possession especially in the first half but looked clueless as to what to do with the ball....its early days but they better raise thier effort as most of the players looked like they could'nt really be arsed and lots of hands were raised as if to say "well who was i supposed to pass to?" Jenas being the main culprit.
The only real plus was that with king and dawson out Younes Kaboul looked like a great player already, im not gonna blame injuries for that lacklustre performance but we did have 3 left backs out and our wide play was crap without lennon.

Also i still feel 16.5 million for Bent was really silly money....i hope he scores a hat full though and proves me wrong.

At least eh yhave only gotta wait till tuesday against everton to have another go at getting a result.

damn i need a spurs icon.
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