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what is there to say?

So Spurs have a 100% record so far....2 games 2 loses.

We were better for periods of last nights game and were certainly not outplayed by everton but they took thier chances and we squandered ours.

O.k the defence is short maned but the problem area looks to be midfield im not to sure about Malbranque and Zokora and Jenas still look kinda disinterested. We need lennon back and maybe Martin Jol should give routledge and Tommy Hudlestone a run in the team.

Hell maybe give Taarabt or murphy a go....and the new lad kevin-price Boateng.....we aint short on options but the midfield looks short on ideas and confidence....

Y'know 16 million for Bent seems a a very dubious decision at the moment when we already had 4 Decent strikers, surely a right left winger should ahve been the priority.....people were saying it all close season...and now with lennon out its seems even more obvious....still maybe bent will be awesome and get the golden boot and i will be happy.

Still its very early days......

Derby next....gotta beat them.....right?


Tonights premier league fixtures

Birmingham v Sunderland
Fulham v Bolton
Man City v Derby
Portsmouth v Man Utd
Reading v Chelsea
Wigan v Middlesbrough

Oh and some Greedy lea....err...champions league fixtures.

the English and scots teams games only.

Sparta Prague v Arsenal
Spartak Moscow v Celtic
Toulouse v Liverpool

Feel free to post about your Teams start to the season! or anything football related.
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