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Football....the Beautiful Game.
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Thursday, August 23rd, 2007
5:53 pm
So yeah the England game kinda sucked.

It was'nt that bad i guess and only a friendly....he shoulda played defoe though.

I think if Robinson does get dropped from the team then itll make him a better player in the long run.....but dropping him for "calamity" James is kind of ironic....he can only be a few games away from another run of bizzare decsions.

The Spurs board seem keen to upset things at the moment....i am a big fan of Martin Jol and can't see any reason for his to be any pressure..it weird, what do they expect from him....if they do sack him i think i will start following a differnt sport...or go live in a monestary or something......i hope it does'nt come to that though...hell after this he is probebly gonna lead us to 4th....just a theatrical satrt to the seaon before the big ending?

i jsut spotted this.....


so maybe the board have'nt been so stupid afterall...


Ireland had a good result...nice to see...especially with keano getting 2 goals.
as did Wales.


Kasey Keller has joined Fulham...gotta love Kasey Keller...good keeper good guy.....hey he likes Tool after all. (Tool the band)

oh and Heinze and Robben have both joined Real Madrid.
Sunday, August 19th, 2007
7:45 pm
Finally Spurs won a game and emphatically......i think Martin Jol read my post as he stuck huddlestone and routledge in the team...heh.

Good to see Malbranque in the goals and Jenas playing to his potential.


Today it was most enjoyable to see Man City beating Man yoo....having lived through the 90's and watched alot of football in those years i have a real dislike of man yoo and especially Ferguson....i saw him gurning and pointing at his watch to many times while his team (with referees help) cheated thier way to titles.....

best part of today was seeing Ferguson throw his hands up like an idiot as Tevez headed into the side netting then drop his arms to his side and look sheepish.

so yeah spurs had a nighmare start but 3 games in we are a point ahead of man yoo and city are top of the league....man yoos worst start in 15 years...hope spurs can beat them next sunday.
Wednesday, August 15th, 2007
8:23 pm
what is there to say?
So Spurs have a 100% record so far....2 games 2 loses.

We were better for periods of last nights game and were certainly not outplayed by everton but they took thier chances and we squandered ours.

O.k the defence is short maned but the problem area looks to be midfield im not to sure about Malbranque and Zokora and Jenas still look kinda disinterested. We need lennon back and maybe Martin Jol should give routledge and Tommy Hudlestone a run in the team.

Hell maybe give Taarabt or murphy a go....and the new lad kevin-price Boateng.....we aint short on options but the midfield looks short on ideas and confidence....

Y'know 16 million for Bent seems a a very dubious decision at the moment when we already had 4 Decent strikers, surely a right left winger should ahve been the priority.....people were saying it all close season...and now with lennon out its seems even more obvious....still maybe bent will be awesome and get the golden boot and i will be happy.

Still its very early days......

Derby next....gotta beat them.....right?


Tonights premier league fixtures

Birmingham v Sunderland
Fulham v Bolton
Man City v Derby
Portsmouth v Man Utd
Reading v Chelsea
Wigan v Middlesbrough

Oh and some Greedy lea....err...champions league fixtures.

the English and scots teams games only.

Sparta Prague v Arsenal
Spartak Moscow v Celtic
Toulouse v Liverpool

Feel free to post about your Teams start to the season! or anything football related.
Sunday, August 12th, 2007
9:38 pm
same ol' Spurs?
So Spurs lost 3 minutes into injury time against sunderland. we had alot of possession especially in the first half but looked clueless as to what to do with the ball....its early days but they better raise thier effort as most of the players looked like they could'nt really be arsed and lots of hands were raised as if to say "well who was i supposed to pass to?" Jenas being the main culprit.
The only real plus was that with king and dawson out Younes Kaboul looked like a great player already, im not gonna blame injuries for that lacklustre performance but we did have 3 left backs out and our wide play was crap without lennon.

Also i still feel 16.5 million for Bent was really silly money....i hope he scores a hat full though and proves me wrong.

At least eh yhave only gotta wait till tuesday against everton to have another go at getting a result.

damn i need a spurs icon.
8:51 pm
Man City fans blog
Hey guys,

I've been chosen as the official blogger for the mirror.co.uk to represent Man City fans.


I will be posting them all on my own blog as well though. Add me and I hope you enjoy my irrelevant blue related thoughts :)
Friday, August 10th, 2007
3:05 pm
Silly Season over.
Its the greatest time of the football year, you can still imagine that your team will have a great season and all the new signings will shine.

So the season in England starts tommorw and Spurs kick off against sunderland before any other game and live on sky. i get a good feeling for this season and think we may well finish top 4 and qualify for the champions league.

Who can tell though? lots of new players at every team and new teams to play against..god knows what will happen ..but its gonna be exciting.


Oh yeah beckham played for L.A Galaxy! blimey.


Leeds start in Div 1 with -15 points, gotta feel sorry for thier hardcore fans...good luck to them.


The Tevez saga is finnaly over and he has signed for Man U...it is really over is'nt it?

Its gonna be interesting to see arsenal without henry.

Enjoy your Football wherever you are....and feel free to post any football stuff you want here.
Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007
8:07 pm
Its Transfer silly season
A post on this community!

whouda thunk it?

anyways ive been meaning to for ages....so here goes....

Teddy sheringham to sign for COLCHESTER! the world has gone mad...but i guess sir teddy as spurs fans should probebly call him is getting on a bit....but can still do a great job for Colchester...he was never about pace after all...he is a thinking footballer...they say the first 5 yards are in the head.....Good luck Teddy!!

Spurs got Bent (not in the way bart simpson uses)...the price seems a bit high..but i bet he can do a job for us...i expect defoe will be on his way as he wont be happy being 3rd or even 4th choice....i guess its a good signing..time will tell.

Reto Ziegler moves permanently to sampdoria.......

Geremi spoke in class today...i mean Geremi signs for Newcastle of course.

Man City to be taken over by a crooked thai guy.(allegedly)...good thing?...probebly not.

Sheff United lose their appeal over West hams cheating to stay in the premiership.....sheffield were not good enough to stay up...but it sucks that the premiership did'nt deduct points from west ham...as its been standard procedure before in cases like this with any dodgy dealings. Thoughts? should it be west ham down?

Torres for liverpool....liverpool to challenge for the premiership?...they get tipped most seasons....but who knows maybve this time.

Beckham to L.A. Galaxy...i hope this means the MLS will get some better coverage in England....as i have alwyas tried to follow it

a few other big summer signings-

Hargreaves - Man U
Anderson - Man U
Nani - Man U
Henry - Barcelona
Joey Barton - Newcastle
Aliadiere - Middlesborough
Scott Parker - West Ham
Jlloyd samuel - bolton
Gavin Mcann - Bolton
Titus Bramble - Wigan
Antoine Sibierski - Wigan
Mario Melchiot - Wigan
steve Sidwell - Chelsea (will he get a game)
Claudio Pizzaro - Chelsea
Tal Ben Haim - Chelsea
Gareth Bale - Spurs

any others?

we gotta kick start this community...can't wait for the new season....cricket and tennis just can't come close to filling the sporting void.
Lucky there is a the copa america to watch.

as always..feel free to post anything football related!
Friday, March 30th, 2007
12:19 am
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Current Mood: bored
Wednesday, January 31st, 2007
4:34 pm
Transfer deadline day!

all the latest news from the bbc.


Spurs v ar*enal tonight.

Monday, January 29th, 2007
8:41 pm
Back again.
O.k so i have neglected this community....again....i seem to only post here for a few weeks at a time.


Beckham to L.A Galaxy.....you may say its for money...and that may be true to an extent but i belive he is a pretty simple guy in reality and he feels a move to the u.s will be best for his family and he also said years back he wanted to end his carrer in the u.s....i just hope his wife does'nt try to get a movie career, as that will comical.

f.a cup draw.

Chelsea v Blackpool or Norwich
Watford v Ipswich
Preston v Man City
Plymouth v Derby County
Man Utd v Reading
Arsenal or Bolton v Blackburn
Bristol City or Middlesbrough v West Bromwich Albion
Fulham v Tottenham

gotta love the F.A cup.


transfer speculation.

davids back to ajax from spurs maybe.... (well he is kinda surplus to requirments.)

Wigan are set to sign Nigerian World Cup striker Julius Agahowa in a £2m deal from Shakhtar Donetsk..... (he of the cool backflips celebrations)

Newcastle are closing in on a £5m deal for Ajax striker Ryan Babel.

Spurs will sign Derby County star Giles Barnes for £3m on transfer deadline day.

West Ham are ready to make a £14m bid for Charlton striker Darren Bent. ....(14 mill?...he is good...but that good?)

Chelsea are considering a fresh bid for Bolton's Tal Ben Haim.


oh yeah..i got given FIFA 07 on the p.c and it is pretty good fun.....despite the clive tyldesley commentating......

i also played the ps2 version briefly over christmas ans thats pretty cool too...i had'nt played a fifa game in about 3 years.


I will try to post more often on here now.....but any members of the community should feel free to post anything at all football related at any time they want.

Oh yeah and good luck to Spurs V arsenal on wednesday night in the 2nd leg of the carling cup semi.
Sunday, September 3rd, 2006
7:53 pm

Regarding the Transfers of Tevez and Mascherano to West Ham.

Monday, August 7th, 2006
10:31 am
football-and f1 (sorry)
Carrick injured already?...must'nt chuckle too much.

Get well soon Sir Bobby Robson...

new season has started....i can't wait for the premiership to get started aswell.

gossip/transfers/funnies in brief from the bbc site.



Oh and i actually watched the f1 yesterday....i had not really bothered this season i used to watch em all from about 1982 but sorta got bored last season...but im glad i did watch this one........nice one Jenson!
(i had to say this somewehere)
Thursday, July 27th, 2006
9:18 pm
Fantasy Football?.,..just like watching brazil....or a spreadsheet.
SO i did my Budweiser fantasty football league team.....i used to do the Daily Telegraph one but that cost 5 quid and this is free and as i usually loose interest in these games by mid season its not worth paying for...and anyway...the budweiser one is pretty decent....
i also started a league if anyone else wants to join up the "total football league" once they have created a team just enter this code....


If you are entering a differnt fantasy league using the stats froma different nations league then you can pimp that out here to if you like........

Budweiser Fantasy League...... http://www.premierleague.com/fapl.rac?command=forwardOnly&nextPage=homepage

i was in the top 800 for a couple of weeks last year out of half a million...then i dropped like a brick.........really i suck at these games but they are kinda fun...at least for a while.


oh yeah im always a sucker for buying spurs new strikers...so i got berbatov up front...in spite of the fact i think defoe will score for fun early on.


i need to update my Spurs icon.
Tuesday, July 25th, 2006
9:19 pm
italy appeals..........
Juventus: Were relegated with 30 point penalty; now still in Serie B but with 17-point deduction. Given three match stadium ban

AC Milan: Were allowed to stay in Serie A but with 15-point penalty; now still in Serie A but with eight point deduction and put back into Champions League, but with one-match stadium ban

Lazio: Were relegated with seven-point penalty; now put back in Serie A with 11-point deduction, but given two-match stadium ban

Fiorentina: Were relegated with 12-point penalty; now put back in Serie A with 19-point deduction, but with three-match stadium ban

full story.


oh in other sports news...Zinedine Zidane makes his debut as a jockey.

Guess his horse said something about his mother?


gotta do a fantasy football team...a free one natuarally...not long now...woooohooo.
Tuesday, July 11th, 2006
9:24 pm
world cup over.....
ive seen it written by a few on other forums and letters pages that italy cheated alot.....i can't imagine which games they were watching...i felt that apart from Mcbride getting an elbow in the face fro mde rossi they were actually one of the cleanest teams...and seemed to get back on their feet pretty quick after challenges especially by italian standards..worthy champions i say

..Zizou?...whatever Materazzi said there is no excuse.....a truly foolish thing to do...much like rooney getting riled up...or beckham in 98'.....if someone is trying to rile you up ignore em..makes em mad as hell...that said i think most people me included would lose it totaly and punch someone under enough provocation.....

not a bad world cup.....just felt a bit underwhelming after the group stages......

i thought cannavaro shoulda got player of the tournament.


here are some lookalikes i picked out while watching...there were more but i forgot em....

Read more...Collapse )

i shoulda posted more about the world cup....but i think watching it got in the way of posting about it.
Thursday, July 6th, 2006
10:24 am
Jurgen Klinsmann - AKA Jay Goppingen?
Under the pseudonym Jay Goppingen, Klinsmann made a comeback as a player in 2003 for Orange County Blue Star in the American Premier Development League. The 39-year-old was able to score five goals in eight appearances, helping his team to reach the playoffs. The name is taken from the town of Göppingen, where Klinsmann was born.

somebody else here probebly knew that but i did'nt.

funny what you can find out on Wikipedia.

It was Great to see cristiano ronaldo "crying on the tele"...as the song goes....

The cheating portugal team cheated more than ever but got fpund out quality wise...too funny...still can't believe England lost to them....if eriksonn had picked a decent team and formation we woulda been a shoe in.

Come on Italy!!!


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


as i said before.....i can't wait for the new season......pre-season first where anything can be imagined or hoped for.....
Monday, July 3rd, 2006
5:05 pm
England out, and cheated again....why can we never get soundly beaten by a better team...?

I hope Rooney gives that cristiano ronaldo a good pasting in pre season...or maybe a couple of "poorly timed" tackles.

anyway who do i want to win now? Probebly no one if i am honest but i think i may get behind Italy.


my choice for next England captain?....John Terry....i like a centre back to be captain.

Not that i felt Beckham did a bad job...he may have underperfomed a few times but he saved us with free kicks far more times.

Pluses for england at this tournament?

Owen Hargreaves was our hardest working player in a couple of games made lampard look really silly...he shoulda played along side gerrard in the last game with crouch up with rooney.

Joe Cole...this must be the first tournament in years where the pundits have not wound on for hours about our lack of left footed players....Cole was great...and also scored the goal of the world cup...well so far anyway.

Aaron Lennon was also a joy to watch when he came on and shoulda got more time...great for the future.

Sven....its a big plus that has manged his last England game...the man was a fool, for him to actually try and justify taking walcott even now is a joke...im not sure how well McLaren will do but hopefully he will have more sense than sven...oh and play 442...


Roll on the new League seasons!

We (spurs) Have Didier Zokora and i saw enough of him to think he will do well...makes me wish Bulgaria had been in the world cup so we coulda got a decent look at Berbatov.

Carrick on his way?...i hope not.

Hoddle has left Wolves.....err blimey maybe........svens next job?...nah wolves can do far better.

Hidetoshi Nakata has retired from football.


Your Thoughts on the world cup?

Who are you backing now?

as always post anything football related you feel like.
Wednesday, June 28th, 2006
9:41 pm
World cup day........NO FOOTBALL!
No football...i think i am getting withdrawl...........anyway, these to look forward to.

Friday, 30 June 2006

Germany v Argentina, 16:00
Italy v Ukraine, 20:00


Saturday, 01 July 2006

Brazil v France, 20:00
England v Portugal, 16:00


Thoughts from the last few games?

Thierry Henry is a dirty cheat after falling to the ground clutching his face....france scored fro mthe ensuing free kick...he should be charged with bringing the game into disrepute.

England beat Ecuador without realy trying....they played slightly better in the 2nd half but they gotta raise their game for portugal...and i believe they will.

Portugal V Holland...was a blast...i wanted to see extra time in that game to see how many bookings and sendings off the ref could fit in.

switzerland v ukraine happened....what more can you say about that game....

Italy penalty in the 94th minute....thats a real shitty way to go out of the competition for the aussies.

A great world cup so far.....i expect england to beat portugal and go out to brazil....

agrentina brazil final?...thats what i tipped before the tournament started...it may happen..but as i tipped it its probebly not likely.

Come on England!
Thursday, June 22nd, 2006
11:26 am
world cup.....
Yeah im kinda neglecting this commuity really....but im jsut watching the world cup and not really bothering with the internet much at the moment...anyway.,....

I thought Holland v Argentina was gonna be a corker....but they kind of jsut played semi-nice stuff and cancelled each other out....nothing really to play for i guess......portugal v Mexico on the other hand was pretty damn good, mexico really deserved something, same goes for Tunisia agaisnt spain the other day...i really felt tunisia played well and were let down by thier goalkeeper who made some pretty wild decisions.

today its Czech rep v Italy and it should be an interesting game...which czechs will turn up?...classy czechs or dodgy czechs...also japan v brazil...everyone loves to watch brazil (except maybe other south american nations) but i would love to see japan have a really good go at them....well either that or brazil play fantastic stuff.....i jsut love to watch great teams playing great football.....

Oh yeah...good riddance to trinidad and their "battling" efforts....i hate to see teams stifle the game...i found it pretty bizzare that they have been lauded for their performances when the way they played was like watching someone kill the beautiful game.....of course if england had taken the game to them properly then maybe they would have raised their game and gone forward a little more.

im probebly being a little harsh on trinidad and tobago here...its just the way i felt after the england and sweden games, no one really likes to see 1 team stopping the other from playing and thus killing the entertainment...afterall football is basically supposed to be entertaining to watch.

(it was mostly Leo Beenhakers trash talking after the game that got me riled up, all his advice that "is free and i won't chagre england for it" he said we had to improve if we wanted to get anywhere....and he was right of course but.....he should look at his own teams approach to the game before he started shooting his mouth off with his "free advice")

I look forward to the Ecuador game.....should be good....and not all that easy to predict at this stage.

come on England!

Anyway...so far i have really enjoyed the tournament...and its great to see how many england fans are at every game.


Why have people been emailing itv to ask what their coverages starting music is?.....i sort of like kasabian but their version of hero's is really shitty (shoulda used the original if they needed to use that music)......itv nearly always misses when they plan their tournament coverage.....and why do their pundits have to all be squeezed together so tighlty?

yeah..itv sucks.....Next England game is on the bbc..thank crunchie.

best pundit on this years coverage?...Martin o'neil easily...he actually understands the game (shoulda been next england manager)...ian wright is enthusiastic but a little obvious in the things he says....as for itv's pundits its probebly best i don't say what i think of them.


Oh yeah...the domestic season fixtures are out.....find your teams here on the bbc site.

Wednesday, June 14th, 2006
6:17 pm
World cup day......something....everyone has played once.
I think i am suffering football overload, as i have taken a rain check on the tunisia v saudi arabia game......it seemed like the best one to miss...but up to now ive seen most of every game, but due to that i have not been arsed to post about it online.

Anyway thoughts so far........

Germany looked o.k going forward...but not as fun as the new swervy world cup ball..its like those crappy footballs you bought at the beach as a kid....great for long shots.

Ecuador suprised me...can't wait to see more of them

I was pretty underwhelmed by the England Result...but at least it was a win...there is time to improve...but i still think Itll be Brazil (underperformed last night but will still show their class) or Argentina (looked pretty damn good) for the trophy.

Oh yeah...i felt kinda sorry for Ronaldo...he did look kind of uninterested...but i expect he will get started at some point...i thought it was a bit much that the brazillian president was making remarks about his weight....hope he scores some so his can laugh it all off.

Trinidad and Tobago really frustrated sweden..i wonder if they will pick em selves up agaisnt paraguay....and will T+T be that resolute agaisnt england?...im guessing not...or hoping at least.

argentia v ivory coast was great stuff to watch both thier games agaisnt holland will be a joy to watch also...

australia looked like they were without any inspiration for ages agaisnt Japan and they shoulda been buried..but blimey did they turn it aroung the confidence they will carry into their next game could make all the differance....could see them qualifying for the next round....although Croatia actually looked impressive despite losing to brazil.

France looked ordinary but to be fair i was only half watching this game...

I was cheering on South Korea as they had Tottenhams lee young pyo at left back...that was an enjoyable game aswell with a nicley taken free kick

Spain got 4 against Ukraine earlier and looked pretty decent better than previous world cups...could this be thier time to get to a final?...probebly not....Ukraine looked pretty clueless to be fair and shevchenko could certainly have done with some decent service to get him off the mark....he has gotta score i nthis tournament..right?

This is all pretty obvious stuff really, not an interesting post at all...i enjoy watching the world cup better than writing about it.

Your thoughts so far?
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