Fear and Self Loathing in Long Melford (fry1138) wrote in total_football,
Fear and Self Loathing in Long Melford

Silly Season over.

Its the greatest time of the football year, you can still imagine that your team will have a great season and all the new signings will shine.

So the season in England starts tommorw and Spurs kick off against sunderland before any other game and live on sky. i get a good feeling for this season and think we may well finish top 4 and qualify for the champions league.

Who can tell though? lots of new players at every team and new teams to play against..god knows what will happen ..but its gonna be exciting.


Oh yeah beckham played for L.A Galaxy! blimey.


Leeds start in Div 1 with -15 points, gotta feel sorry for thier hardcore fans...good luck to them.


The Tevez saga is finnaly over and he has signed for Man U...it is really over is'nt it?

Its gonna be interesting to see arsenal without henry.

Enjoy your Football wherever you are....and feel free to post any football stuff you want here.
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